Agile and CMMI: Friends or Enemies?.
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One of the most popular certifications around development processes is the Capabilities Maturity Model Integration, or CMMI. Many people feel that there is a natural animosity between CMMI and agile techniques. To the contrary, agile values and practices complement, and in many cases, fulfill those requirements that enable a team to reach the fairly advanced levels of maturity.

This white paper explores the two great myths that have led people to conclude that Agile and CMMI can’t coexist within the same organization. The author provides a convincing argument that not only can Agile methods and CMMI coexist they can be very complimentary and useful.

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  • Defines CMMI and provides a summary of the 5 levels of organization maturity within CMMI
  • Outlines the two great myths of Agile and CMMI.
  • Summarizes how and why Agile and CMMI are extremely complimentary

About the author

Steve Ropa, a VersionOne Agile Coach, has been developing software for around twenty years. He has filled every job role that is generally considered part of software development from business analyst through delivery. His specialty through the years has been as a programmer and director of development. Steve has been conducting Agile transformations for teams for the past ten years. He has worked with small “shrink-wrap” software teams, large telecommunications firms, and various other teams, both IT and external delivery. He has also successfully transformed multinational teams spanning as many as three continents. Steve’s area of expertise is bridging the communications and procedural gaps between the technical oriented teams and the business teams, from the programmer and testers through to the CEO. He has spoken at several conferences around the country and is a frequent contributor to the VersionOne Agile Management Blog.

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